Zara Maqbool Individual and Couple Psychotherapist

Zara Maqbool therapy helps you to choose the YOU that you did not know existed

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zara maqbool

“Therapy helps you to choose the YOU that you did not know existed”.

Individual and Couple Psychotherapist

I am a fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples from all kinds of background with mental and emotional issues. I am also an ICEFT Certified EFT therapist for couples that employs Emotionally Focused Therapy. I am also a certified Global Trauma Relief Exercise (TRE) Provider and conduct Tension Releasing Exercises sessions that can help you to understand and work through chronic patterns of trauma and anxiety.

I follow an integrative approach towards psychotherapy that draws on principles from a range of psychotherapeutic approaches rooted in psychodynamic and humanistic traditions. I am interested in the psyche as a bodymind process and view the therapeutic relationship as a container for exploring this process between the therapist and client. The intention is to work towards creating a space of healing and transformation.

I am a registered member of BACP (British Association For Counseling and Psychotherapy). My work is regularly supervised by Russell Rose; an experienced UK based Body-Mind Psychotherapist (https://www.russellrose.co.uk/).

Along with psychotherapy, I am a free-lance writer and you can find my weekly column at (https://nation.com.pk/Columnist/zara-maqbool). I also conduct group therapy session in the private and public sector and offer personal development workshops. 

I am not trained to prescribe medication but can refer you to a trusted psychiatrist if need be.    

I conduct these sessions in a safe, private and confidential space. 

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